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Consultation 1:    Nutrition, Dietary and Physical exercise:

(Clients are recommended to repeat this consultation 3 or 4 times per year) This consultation includes:

A full body scan with the Quantum 620

  • A report which can be made available electronically.
  • The identification of 3 or 4 most critical imbalances with recommendation how to improve and restore the requirements.

– Dietary analyses:



The objective of this consultation is to identify both shortages and excesses of any dietary and nutritional intake and to start a process of improved awareness and eating habits.

Analyse & Identify:

Information from the Quantum 620 scan, a questionnaire completed by the client as well as the physical output analyses will be used to identify dietary requirements and imbalances.

Educate & Motivate:

Therapists will educate clients on shortages and excesses, the dangers of it and benefits of rectifying imbalances and motivate them to follow improved and corrective eating habits. Jogging_Woman_in_Grass

Physical exercise analyses:

Objective: The objective with this consultation is to identify the physical exercise and activity level input/output balance of the client and motivate them to follow an improvement program.

Analyse & identify:

Clients will complete a questionnaire to define his/her current physical exercise and activity output. Therapists will design a basic routine taking all relevant factors such as age, physical condition and limitations of the client into consideration to design an incremental improvement regime.

Educate & Motivate

Clients will be educated on the benefits of following the incremental improvement plan and motivated to dedicate just a small portion of the day towards this most effective way of strengthening the natural immune system.

Consultation 2:  Hygiene:

(Clients are recommended to repeat this consultation every month or at least every alternative month)


This is and remain the core focal point of the Art of Health Wellness Centre services to our clients. Our advanced technology diagnostic (Quantum Pro) and treatments (Rife) machines can assist the natural immune system to identify and eliminate pathogens in the body. These pathogens are everywhere around us and can enter or adhere to the body from where a path of destruction is originated.


Pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, worms, parasites etc. are the main cause of illnesses and deceases that causes premature disability and death. At the Art of Health Wellness Centre we identify and treat and also assist the natural immune system to identify and attack pathogens even before they affect our health. Pathogens also produce and excrete toxins in the body which is largely responsible for symptoms prevalent at older persons such as body lethargy and pain.

Analyse & identify:

The Quantum Pro was originally designed by the Russian space agency to keep astronauts in top condition during long trips to space. It generates electromagnetic waves delivered via the brain and the central nervous system throughout the entire body to identify the existence of any undesirable pathogen. Every pathogens exist at its own unique frequency and the scanner can therefore identify bot qualitatively (what type of pathogen) and quantitatively (how many) exist and very specifically in which part of the body.


Both the Quantum Pro and Plexus 560A Rife machine have advanced treatment capabilities. The first treatment of identified pathogens is included in the consultation but it is often required that follow-up treatments are carried out- especially when the client has been seriously infected and experiencing the effects of these infections.

Educate & Motivate:

Clients will be educated and made aware of the presence of pathogens in their everyday environment and provided with information on how to sustain a superior hygienic lifestyle to prevent contamination and infection.