Art of Health - Business Opportunities

Start your own Wellness Centre or become an Exclusive Agent for your area.

Art of Health – Business Opportunities

Art of Health is excited to offer this holistic health care business opportunity. Our Wellness Centres will offer standardised approved technology and services under a single brand. Open your own Art of Health Wellness Centre or become an Art of Health Agent. Centres will be geographically defined across Sub Saharan Africa. Do not miss out on buying your preferred area today.

1. Own an Art of Health Franchise

Art of Health launched Franchise opportunities in 2016.

This involves:

  • Operating under the Art of Health brand
  • Dedicated and exclusive operational area.
  • Acquiring products direct from our trial and tested source at the lowest price to make the highest margin when selling to clients.
  • Enjoy complete online technical and commercial support.
  • Receive official product and application training.

Startup package includes:

7 Machines (Quantum Bacteria and Pathogen Analyzer Professional, Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (Quantum 620), 2 x Rife Resonator Machines, 2 Domestic Ozone machines and 1 Mat)

  • 1 Laptop
  • 1 Treatment Mat
  • Training – 4 days training in Durban (accommodation and meals included)
  • Marketing Material to the value of R8000
  • Reference Material
  • Ongoing Techno-Commercial Support


How you learn

You will receive 4 days of intensive offsite training to help you engage with and care for your clients. At our offsite training venue in Durban we will show you how to scan, analyze and treat using the machines in the startup package. Meals and accommodation for the 4 days are included in the startup package cost. Ongoing Techno-commercial training will be available to you after completion of your training course.

How You Earn

Define your own income by scanning and treating clients. Your monthly earnings will be made up by the following:

  • Earn by scanning customers with the Quantum Scanners
  • Charge for customer treatments with the RIFE and Ozone Therapy.
  • Earn commission through selling scanners, resonators and ozone machines to your clients for home therapy.
  • Join our network of expanding related products and services.


How You Grow

Your machines are the current global leaders in the RIFE therapy industry. Be a part of a growing global holistic healthcare service and define how much you earn by how many customers you engage with. With the help of our national digital marketing campaigns, advertising on our national website and through the printed and digital marketing material included in your startup package, you will have a starting point to launch your own Wellness Centre.

2. Become an Art of Health Agent

Art of Health launched the opportunity for individuals to promote its products in your area.

This involves:

  • Receiving attractive discounts on purchases of our Rife machines, Ozone generators and Quantum body scanners.
  • The more you sell the more discount you receive.
  • Techno-commercial support and training support on all products acquired.

How You Start

Contact us for detail on this exciting opportunity if you share our excitement and vision for these products in your area. Email or use the contact form below.

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How You Start

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Start Realistically Earning ~ R25,000 or more / month

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