Hunter Body Scanner


The Hunter Pathogen scanner is the latest in the market, it can scan at a much deeper cellular level, throughout the whole body.  It also offers Chakra readings and a wider variation within the organs (carries out on eight levels (it does a 3D spiral Scanning), this would suit any professional entrepreneur.


The system is designed to provide the most accurate diagnostic results because it focuses on the source, the brain, therefore the mind is where we begin accumulating on the changes that occur in the brain. The sensors in the headphone places on the ears of the client will trigger the brain to communicate the frequencies that occur within the body. Each, and every change at the cellular level will be detected and identified, whether the challenge is bacteria, virus, parasite, or any disease manifestation or biochemical being, it will be detected by recognition of its unique frequency/signature and be identified by name and severity of the disorder.

The treatment is carries out on eight levels (it does a 3D spiral Scanning): the first on molecule, and then the ultrastructure, DNA helix, chromosome, nucleus, cell tissue, up to the entire organ, (It automatically detects the rout course of the problems in the body, making it very effective and successful.  It shows in which development stage the disorder is in and if the process is acute or chronic. The user can observe the effectiveness directly on the screen. A comparative analysis shows the changes that took place before and after treatment.

The combination of such healing modalities as Acupuncture points, Chacras, Iridology detection, testing, enhance the device’s accuracy of diagnosis. As well as Re-printing or making of energy medication of Homeopathic, Allopathy, Phytotherapy, Litho-therapy, Nutri- + Para-pharmaceuticals frequencies into various mediums. Making use of this device affords the practitioner and client an opportunity like one-stop-shopping, visiting the specialist for an entire analysis and not having to wait weeks for the results. It can also test existing medications/nutritional supplements to see if it that specific medication or supplement will improve or worsen/decline the health of your client.

Minimum requirements that a compatible computer must have:

  • Operating system: Wind 7, Win 8/8.1, Win 10 (32/64-bits), XO, etc
  • Processor: at least 1.40 GHz Pentium IV
  • Random access memory: 512 Mb
  • Video care: SVGA High Colour 1024×768 at least 8Mb
  • At least 1 GB of free space on the hard drive
  • Please note: Windows operating systems must have all the latest updates installed


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