Rife Machine & Large Comfi Mat


Including Large Comfi Treatment Mat, electropads, handheld bars and wristbands


The Majic Wave Rife Massage Machine

Improved Comfort.

Every Majic Wave Rife Massage Machine now come with Electro body pads and conductive wristbands for ease of application freeing up the hands. No more uncomfortable holding on to metal bars!
Majic Wave is distributed in a padded pouch which can be worn around the waist housing the lightweight and small Rife massage machine during application. Out of sight and ultra-comfortable.

Improved Efficacy:

90% of all our historic customers used the Rife Massage Machine on the mat. Our development focused on the dramatic improvement of the electromagnetic field strength on the mat with a 5 fold increase as a result.
Electro-pads allows the user to bring the electromagnetic waves to the exact area where treatment is required, being that the stomach, kidney or lungs. Twin output ports allow the user to treat two areas (both lungs) or wristbands together with pads.
All available frequencies from all the main research institutes have been included. Recent research include many frequencies that focus on neuro stimulation for a faster and holistic approach to treatments.

More Conditions and Programmability.

The treatment list has more than doubled to over 4400 individual conditions with 100 pre-programmed groups. The user can now self-program for his own unique requirements without the need of a computer to assist.


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