Majic Wave Rife Massage Machine


(including electropads, handheld bars and wristbands)

The Majic Wave Rife Massage Machine

Improved Comfort.

Every Majic Wave Rife Massage Machine now come with Electro body pads and conductive wristbands for ease of application freeing up the hands. No more uncomfortable holding on to metal bars!
Majic Wave is distributed in a padded pouch which can be worn around the waist housing the lightweight and small Rife massage machine during application. Out of sight and ultra-comfortable.

Improved Efficacy:

90% of all our historic customers used the Rife Massage Machine on the mat. Our development focused on the dramatic improvement of the electromagnetic field strength on the mat with a 5 fold increase as a result.
Electro-pads allows the user to bring the electromagnetic waves to the exact area where treatment is required, being that the stomach, kidney or lungs. Twin output ports allow the user to treat two areas (both lungs) or wristbands together with pads.
All available frequencies from all the main research institutes have been included. Recent research include many frequencies that focus on neuro stimulation for a faster and holistic approach to treatments.

More Conditions and Programmability.

The treatment list has more than doubled to over 4400 individual conditions with 100 pre-programmed groups. The user can now self-program for his own unique requirements without the need of a computer to assist.

Details - Majic Wave Rife Machine

The Basics

Rife machines, or also referred to as Rife resonators or Hulda Clark Zapper machines are essentially a programmable frequency generating machine that generate low frequency waves in the ultra-low radio frequency spectrum of between 0 and 100,000Hz.

Waves are not audible as it is not amplified but is similar to the soundwaves generated by a radio or television set and is therefore completely save.

The exact frequency as well as the shape of the wave in a block or square wave format are the two most important characteristics to deliver the desired effect.


Pathogens is the collective name for bacteria, viruses, fungi, worms, flukes- and is also often referred to as parasites. Many pathogens are friendly and play an essential role in your food digestive system and cell regeneration. Most of the know illnesses and poor health conditions are however as the direct or indirect result of the presence of pathogens.

Dozens of scientists worldwide invested millions of hours researching the effect of electromagnetic waves of a precise frequency in the radio wave spectrum on these pathogens. In most cases, a wave of the correct shape and frequency results in the pathogen “vibrating” effectively breaking its camouflage and allowing the natural immune system in the bloodstream to attack and eliminate it. However, the wave itself can destroy pathogens outright or even have the effect that the pathogen loses its ability to destroy healthy cells or its ability to multiply.

Scientists researching the effect of electromagnetic waves found that most conditions and illnesses had many different pathogens present, which actively plays a destructive role in the condition. They also found that every pathogen could be treated by applying different frequencies resulting in dozens of different frequencies, which could ultimately help control, improve and even cure some of the most chronic conditions.


The Majic Wave can also massage and stimulate organs using low spectrum and well-directed electromagnetic waves, which can have a myriad of benefits to the human body.

One example is the stimulation of blood flow. The stimulation of blood flow alone improves oxygen delivery to the brain and immune responses to every affected area.

Most organs, such as the pancreas, kidneys and glands, can be stimulated to improve their intended function, such as releasing specific molecules, enzymes, hormones and others. It is especially ageing organs that lose their youthful capabilities that can benefit optimally.

The Brain

It is a well-known fact that music can excite or calm an individual and evoke many different emotions. The release of hormones can result in a profound positive effect on the healing process- both directly and indirectly.

Most illnesses and conditions, however, automatically causes stress, trauma and even depression. More recent frequency research has focused on the role of the brain in the healing and general well-being. These frequencies are now all part and parcel of the Majic Wave treatment regimes.

Healthy persons:

The Majic Wave offers many benefits to every individual- even healthy persons. It can assist with the following along with many other additional functions:

    • Improve sleep patterns.
    • De-stressing.
    • Preventative treatments.

Benefits are certainly not reserved only for the sick and elderly.


  • 4400 individual conditions listed. All frequencies available from independent sharing research institutes included in the Majic Wave massage Machine.
  • All frequencies up to 100,000Hz offer perfect block, or square wave shape and is tested and confirmed 100% accurate.
  • 100 pre- programmed groups which incorporate related treatments for optimum results in some of the most chronic known conditions.
  • Programmability enabling the user to link a number of non-related unique conditions into a group for continuous treatment.
  • Charging: Micro to USB charger points.
  • Dimensions: 130mm by 75mm by 30mm and weight 190gr.
  • Output ports: 2 x 3,5mm audio jack output ports.
  • Standard contact accessories included:
    • Metal handlebars.
    • Two sets of electro-pads.
    • One set conductive wristband.
    • Handy body pouch.

Optional accessories


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