Body Function - Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Scan

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Scan

Full body function scan – Consultation

A full body scan with the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer (Quantum)

This consultation includes:

  • Nutrition & Dietary scan
  • Physical exercise scan
  • A report which can be made available electronically.
  • The identification of 3 or 4 most critical imbalances with recommendation how to improve and restore the requirements.

Clients are recommended to repeat this consultation 3 or 4 times per year.

Dietary analyses:

Objective of dietary analyses:

The objective of this consultation is to identify both shortages and excesses of any dietary and nutritional intake and to start a process of improved awareness and eating habits.

Analyse & Identify:

Information from the Quantum 640 scan, a questionnaire completed by the client as well as the physical output analyses will be used to identify dietary requirements and imbalances.

Educate & Motivate:

Therapists will educate clients on shortages and excesses, the dangers of it and benefits of rectifying imbalances and motivate them to follow improved and corrective eating habits.

Physical exercise analyses:

Objective of exercise analysis:

The objective with this consultation is to identify the physical exercise and activity level input/output balance of the client and motivate them to follow an improvement program.

Analyse & identify:

Clients will complete a questionnaire to define his/her current physical exercise and activity output. Therapists will design a basic routine taking all relevant factors such as age, physical condition and limitations of the client into consideration to design an incremental improvement regime.

Educate & Motivate

Clients will be educated on the benefits of following the incremental improvement plan and motivated to dedicate just a small portion of the day towards this most effective way of strengthening the natural immune system.

We also offer Pathogen Scans & Rife Therapy consultations.

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