Plexus 560A Accessories

Combo: Plexus 560A Rife Micro Pulse Generator & Treatment mat

Buy the Plexus 560A Rife Micro Pulse Generator & Treatment mat together.

8050 excl. delivery

$ 695 excl. delivery

Plexus Rife Treatment Mat

The mat is very good for treatment of chronic illness and treating children and animals.

R850 excl. delivery

US$ 65 excl. delivery

Hand Electrode Set

The 32 mm diameter of the hand electrodes is well-suited for a natural comfortable grip. You can plug another set of handsets into your existing lines and simultaneously treat 2 people. (You then need 4 handsets and 4 cords).

R250 excl. delivery

US$ 25 excl. delivery

Foot Plate Set

These are used as another way to treat yourself with the rife, use it while you are working on the computer or at work. Very easy and convenient way for treating.

R170 excl. delivery

US$ 16 excl. delivery

Plexus Rife Electrode Cables Set

Length: 2.1 m [2 100 mm]. For user convenience, extra long electrode cables are provided.

R340 excl. delivery

US$ 28 excl. delivery