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Overview of Pathogen Scan & Rife Therapy:

Pathogen Scans & Rife Therapy is and remain the core focal point of the Art of Health Wellness Centre services to our clients. Our advanced technology diagnostic (Quantum Pro) and treatments (Rife) machines can assist the natural immune system to identify and eliminate pathogens in the body. These pathogens are everywhere around us and can enter or adhere to the body from where a path of destruction is originated.

Objective of Scan &Therapy:

Pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, worms, parasites etc. are the main cause of illnesses and deceases that causes premature disability and death. At the Art of Health Wellness Centre we identify and treat and also assist the natural immune system to identify and attack pathogens even before they affect our health. Pathogens also produce and excrete toxins in the body which is largely responsible for symptoms prevalent at older persons such as body lethargy and pain.

Analyse & identify Pathogens:

The Quantum Pro was originally designed by the Russian space agency to keep astronauts in top condition during long trips to space. It generates electromagnetic waves delivered via the brain and the central nervous system throughout the entire body to identify the existence of any undesirable pathogen. Every pathogens exist at its own unique frequency and the scanner can therefore identify bot qualitatively (what type of pathogen) and quantitatively (how many) exist and very specifically in which part of the body.

Rife Therapy Treatment:

Both the Quantum Pro and Majic Wave Rife machine have advanced treatment capabilities. The first treatment of identified pathogens is included in the consultation but it is often required that follow-up treatments are carried out- especially when the client has been seriously infected and experiencing the effects of these infections.

Educate & Motivate:

Clients will be educated and made aware of the presence of pathogens in their everyday environment and provided with information on how to sustain a superior hygienic lifestyle to prevent contamination and infection.

Clients are recommended to consult every month or at least every alternative month.

We also offer full body function scans.

Quantum Bacterial and Pathogen scanner

ARS Campylobacter Jejuni Bacteria


pathogen scanner

Quantum Bacterial and Pathogen Scanner

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