This lovely Tens massage machine also has an additional function to treat your Rhinitis/sinusitis problems. Its small enough to put into a pocket, yet strong enough to give you a thorough TENS massage. The Tens Massage Machine comes with 8 massage patches as well as a separate unit to treat stubborn sinusitis and rhinitis. The tens machine has the following modes: Massaging, Manipulation, Slimming Acupuncture, Scraping, Cupping, Immune regulation, and Rhinitis.


Two electrodes wires with four electrodes + Two pairs of patches, USB Line (for charging rechargeable battery). Electrode patches are consumables whose service life is 20-25 times.

R590 excl. delivery

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Wrist laser blood irradiation and multi function laser


Improving blood viscosity through laser blood irradiation.
Improving the blood cells oxygen-carrying capacity.
Reducing blood fat and cholesterol content.
Fast repair of damaged nasal mucosa tissues.
Excellent reaction to improve blood hyperviscosity and hyperlipemia.
Hypertension- excellent to control blood pressure
Diabetes; cell healing, reducing cholesterol and increase blood oxygen
Joint & Body pains: the Multi Function Laser in addition to the wrist laser can be placed on any part of the body to reduce pain and body aches and external wounds.

Product Characteristics;

  • The operation programme has simplified intelligent and energy-saving characteristics
  • The nasal clip, wrist band, and wrist laser is optimally positioned for comfortable, reliable, and safer application.
  • The instrument intelligently senses time and quantity irradiation requirements.
  • The product is small and convenient for use.
  • The instrument also simultaneously combines the irradiation of radial arteries, acupoints, and nasal cavity for optimum effect.

R6 500

Plus Delivery

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