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health centres in johannesburg At Art of Health we focus on the PROACTIVE strengthening and support of the natural immune system to prevent the majority of illnesses and diseases that causes the shortening of your productive life span and premature death.


A very large percentage of life threatening and life limiting diseases are caused by pathogens. Pathogen is the collective name for a variety of viruses, bacteria, worms, flukes, parasites and fungi. While the human body consists of roughly 1013 human cells it also has pathogens totaling in number 1014! This means potentially 10 pathogens for every human cell! Staggering fact indeed but easier to understand when taken into consideration that the pathogens are usually a lot smaller and some sells can be infested by a whole colony.

The good news is however that most human cells can reproduce in a relatively short period of time- from as short as 2 days for white blood cells to 8 years for fat cells.

A further important fact about pathogens is that the majority of them are “friendly” organisms. There are between 500 and a 1000 different species only in the digestive system and without these the human body cannot function normally. There are a further 500 and 1000 different species on and in the skin alone, many offering important protection.

The human body has its own built in defence system that is designed to control the presence and balance of pathogens present. It is generally referred to as the immune system and the effective “fighting” part of the system consists of white blood cells which is designed to identify and destroy threatening pathogens.

The body often loses the war against infestation and everyone who experienced even the most common winter cold and needed to see a doctor can attest of this. Some pathogens have the ability to make themselves undetectable by the immune system and continue to do harm over a long period which manifest itself when the individual get older and experience life limiting effects.

EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you eat, drink, breathe, do and get in contact with TODAY can potentially result in the reduced life capacity and expectancy.

South African health care:

• Private Healthcare in South Africa is officially one of the most expensive in the world. Only 17% of the population and the rich businesses that employ them can afford full medical aid. The cost is increasing at an annual rate of 10% -12%. The economy is stagnant and unemployment on the increase.
• The balance (83% of the population) are all dependent on state funded hospitals and clinics. These institutions are buckling under the pressure of increasing costs, inefficiencies and a fast growing population dependent on its services.
• Medical Aid, healthcare, hospital and clinics and the entire Multi Billion Rand system is almost entirely reactive and focussed on patients that are already sick.
• Only a very small percentage of the population has made sufficient provision for retirement by the age of 60 or 65%. The increase in the cost of living and the persistent low return on investments will force millions to work productively for longer than ever before!

Although it is not a replacement for medical treatment, Art of Health offers an affordable and viable alternative using our technology and knowledge to assist our clients to identify potentially harmful pathogens and treat them effectively.

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