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"Everyone has the potential to live productively and healthy into their 80's and even 90's"
We Diagnose & Analyse:
Pathogen infestation.
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Body functions and imbalances.
We Offer:
and support the immune system.
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effective treatment to improve
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Art of Health - Rife Treatment

Art of Health Wellness Centres

If some people can work productively to the age of 80-90, shouldn’t everyone be able to do so?

At Art of Health we focus on the PROACTIVE strengthening and support of the natural immune system to prevent the majority of illnesses and diseases that causes the shortening of your productive life span and premature death. Read More

Our Wellness Centre Services:

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Body Function Scans

Body Function Scans

A full body scan with the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer (Quantum)  and our Bacterial and Pathogen Scanner. This consultation includes: Organ and Bacterial/Pathogen scanning, Nutrition & Dietary, as well as Physical exercise  advice. The identification of 3 or 4 most critical imbalances, with recommendation on how to improve and restore the body. Read More about our quantum resonance magnetic analyzer scans.

Bacteria and Pathogen Scans & Rife Treatment Gauteng

Bacteria and Pathogen Scans & Rife Treatment

This is and remain the focal point of the Art of Health Wellness Centre services to our clients. Our advanced technology diagnostic (Quantum Pro) and Rife treatment with the Rife Resonator can assist the natural immune system to identify and eliminate harmful pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) in the body. Read more about our Quantum Bacterial and Pathogen scan & Rife treatment.

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Our Products:

rife machine south africa

Rife Machine (Rife Resonator) - Plexus 560A

With 1000’s of programs our Rife machine fight pathogens directly but it can also be used for many applications that support the natural immune system to cure itself from diseases. It can improve blood circulation, detox the body of toxins and many, many more. Buy now or Read More about Rife treatment and the Rife machine.

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer (Body Scanning and Analyzing devices)

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer (Body Scanning and Analyzing devices)

It has never been so quick, inexpensive and with such a high degree of accuracy that you can establish EXACTLY what the state of health of each of your organs are. Establish the requirements, imbalances and general condition of each organ long before they start to fail you. Buy now or Read more about the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer.

Ozone Machines - Household and Industrial models

Ozone Machines - Household and Industrial models

Viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria that are often associated with a variety of illnesses, are destroyed by the presence of oxygen. Our household model generate 500gm per hour of ozone, which is twice the strength of most other household ozone machines. We also supply Industrial Ozone machines with an ozone output of 3000gm per hour. Buy now or Read more about our Ozone Machines.

Rife Package Deals

Package Deals

We have designed packages for self-help and small business applications. We combined our popular products into powerful packages to facilitate the individual needs of our clients. Enable yourself to keep your family and friends in top condition by diagnosing and treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Read more about our packages

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Our Wellness Centres can be found at the following locations:

Johannesburg (Mondeor) – Tinka (082 855 9906)

Natal South Coast (Illovo Beach) – Tinka (082 855 9906)