About Art of Health

Holistic Healthcare Centres

Our vision

We see a network of Art of Health holistic healthcare centres all over the country and even beyond, with caring and knowledgeable staff who are well trained and equipped to partner clients towards achieving optimum condition with the ultimate goal of extending the productive lifespan.

Our philosophy

At the our holistic healthcare centres we focus on building a strong and natural defense system by focusing on:

1) Hygiene and specifically INNER hygiene:

  • The word hygiene comes from Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health. In the middle of the 19th century the life expectancy of the population increased by decades as a result of improved hygiene.
  • At Art of Health we researched and recently introduced an advanced scanning instrument (Quantum Pathogen Analyser) that can scan the entire body and all its organs for the presence of foreign pathogens. It works in simple terms on low intensity sound waves which scans the entire body for the presence of any foreign pathogens. It is programmed to pass all known pathogens which are “friendly” and play an important role in the normal body functioning.
  • EVERY pathogen (bacteria, viruses, worms, fungus, parasite and flukes) exist at its own unique wavelength. It may interest the reader that even the human being has its own unique wavelength which is referred to as the de Broglie wavelength. The Quantum Pathogen Analyser (also referred to as Quantum Pro) can detect these pathogens both qualitatively (what pathogen it is) and quantitatively (how many).
  • At ART OF HEALTH Wellness Centres we have sophisticated and highly effective machines that can treat and eliminate pathogens. Just like an opera singer can shatter a glass by singing the note that is the resonant frequency of the glass, similarly can the Rife machine shatter the existence or at least the life function of pathogens at their respective resonant frequency.
  • The most effective way to fight pathogens is to have a healthy natural immune system. All treatments with the Quantum pro and Rife machine also assist your immune system to identify, attach and eliminate pathogens in your body.

2) Nutrition and diet:

  • The ONLY purpose why we eat and drink is SUPPOSED to be to supply the body with fuel, water, nutrients and vitamins which is required to keep the body functioning at optimum performance.
  • The ACTUAL reason why we eat and drink has evolved to be one of a social activity to meet the desired taste of the pallet and uncontrollable cravings for a quantity of food that far exceed the requirement.
  • Each and every organ in the body from your skin to your heart has its own unique nutritional requirements in order to sustain optimum performance.
  • Most of us eat and drink without consideration of these needs with the result that organs often go through decades of sustained shortages which ultimately result in illness, disease or organ failure.
  • Due to mass production techniques most food types we consume no longer contain the vitamins, minerals and nutritional value it used to.

At Art of Health we use an instrument (Quantum) that diagnose the entire body for imbalances and the general condition and performance of each organ. This allows us to recommend corrective action to be taken in eating patterns.

We analyse, research and coach our clients towards healthy eating habits. The age, condition and physical limitations of every person is unique and we endeavor to partner clients in achieving incremental improvements in his or her condition over time.

3) Physical Exercise and conditioning:

This is the part that we all know…. There is however NOTHING you can do that will have a more profound effect on your sustained well-being than regular exercise within the limits of your age, condition and physical limitation.

Daily exercise improves and strengthen the natural immune system.

At Art of Health we see our role to research appropriate exercise techniques together with our clients, to educate them on the importance and to motivate them to persist in its execution based on the value of the outcome.

Ready to take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle?