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Testimonial: Bone Growth & Wound Healing

I had a broken ankle that did not grow after 4 years and 3 operations; I was constantly in pain and eventually in a wheelchair.  The circulation of my leg was very bad, and I had a ugly keloid cut (from where all the other operations were done). When they said I needed another operation, and if it does not work, they will amputate a portion of my leg. I decided to try Out Rife therapy and Ozone therapy.  They treated my leg 3 times a week, with wound-healing, circulation and bone regeneration. From day one I had no pain, and after 2 months they did an x-ray, my leg had Already grown 70% and my wound looked as if it was done years ago. My leg was pink and had great circulation. The Keloid cut looked as if the operation was done years ago, if was flat and looked good.   I believe if I did not get these treatments they would have done the amputation. Today i can walk and I don’t need the wheelchair anymore.

E Viljoen

Bone Growth and Wound-healing, Illovo Beach

Testimonial: Kidney Stones

I have suffered with kidney stones for years.  I also had laser treatment a few times to shoot the stones.  One of my friends introduced me to a Rife machine when I visited them and had pain. The stones were now recurring regularly.  After 4 treatments I had no pain at all. It disappeared for one year and it started again.  I then decided to get my own Rife and do regular treatments now. I use Kidney stones, Renal Calculli and Infections.  The mat is great and I use it at night to treat myself with various treatments from infections to circulation it depend on what I want to treat.  I cannot go without my Rife.


N Delport

Kidney Stones, Johannesburg

Testimonial: Motor vehicle accident with various complications

Ek was in n ongelooflike groot motor ongeluk. Van die impak van die slag het my sleutelbeen (collarbone) gebreek. Ek het baie erge harsingskudding opgedoen en was vir ‘n paar minute nie bewustelik by nie. Ek is na Muelmed se Ongevalle afdeling vervoer. Op daardie stadium was die suurstof in my brein 15% as gevolg van al die bloedverlies (normale telling behoort minstens 65% te wees). Dokters kon my nie pynmedikasie gee nie uit vrees dat ek in ‘n koma kon val.
Na vele EEG’s scans, sonars, x-strale, EKG ens ens het hulle bevind dis net my sleutelbeen wat gebreek het. Ek was baie swak en steeds in ‘n kritieke toestand toe hulle my oorgeplaas het na die ICU. Vele spesialiste het kom toetse doen en ek was geskeduleer vir chirurgie die volgende dag om my sleutelbeen te heg. Die staples in my kop sou vanself genees – met sterk antibiotika om infeksie te keer. Ná die operasie was ek vir nog 4 dae in die ICU voordat ek na ‘n algemene saal oorgeplaas is.

Na my ontslag uit die hospital het ek onmiddellik my Rife masjien begin gebruik op verskillende programme. Tinka het my gehelp wanneer om watter program te gebruik.

Sedert my ontslag was my Rife masjen my lewensaar. Dokters het baie medikasie voorgeskryf waarvan ek nie eers die voorskrif by die apteek ingehandig het nie. Ek het bly glo God en Rife sal my liggaam herstel. Ek wil nooit in my lewe weer sonder my Rife masjien wees nie .
Ek prys die Here vir Rife!!! Dit het my baie vinniger en beter genees as wat enige konvensionele mediese behandeling ooit sou kon. Verseker is daar ‘n plek vir kliniese medisyne – ‘n ortopediese chirurg moes immers die operasie doen – maar al die nasorg daarna is deur die Rife behandeling gedoen! Mag my verhaal ander mense aanspoor om beide konvensionele en alternatiewe mediese sorg te inkorporeer in die behandeling van gesondheisprobleme. Holistiese gesondheidsorg was nog altyd my oortuiging – en my eie verhaal bevestig dit!

Dr.Retha Beselaar

Motor vehicle accident with various complications, Pretoria

Testimonial: Fever Blisters & Herpes Virus 

I have a very strenuous lifestyle, and on a regular basis get fever blisters on my toes and feet.  I was told you get it from the Herpes simplex 1 virus. When I get a bad attack, I ensure I do all the Herpes  Simplex 1 treatments.   The tingle and itchiness disappears after the first treatment, and after that my feet starts to peel. If I do it on a regular basis (every two weeks) it stays away for months.

K Riekert

Fever Blisters & Herpes Virus, Johannesburg

Testimonial: Vertigo

My daughter has been suffering with Vertigo for years, and nothing really helped her. When I got my rife, she visited me one day and had a bad vertigo attack. I found it on the rife and she used it for some treatments. By the second treatment the vertigo was almost gone. It will stay away for a while and then it starts again, so we are now going to put her on a maintenance programme where she uses the programme once every 2nd week. This seems to work very well for her. For the first time in years she now has relief of the vertigo. Thank the Lord.

M Vice

Vertigo, Durban

Testimonial: Parvo Virus

My dog got the Parvo virus which causes Cat Fever, he started vomiting, did not eat, and got very weak. He could hardly walk. We treated him on the rife with Parvo virus, nausea, lack of appetite and immune boost. I used the mat for the treatment and tried to let him lie on the mat as long as possible. After 2 days he was much stonger and started eating. After 4 days he was running around like usual.


Parvo Virus, WARMBATHS

Getuigskrif: Blaas infeksies

My dogter het vir my n Rife masjien gekoop toe ek en my man in die outehuis getrek het. Dis n ongelooflike masjien. Ek het gereeld blaas infeksies gehad, en vandat ek die Rife het kry ek dit omtrent nooit meer nie. Ek en my man gebruik dit vir alles, die mat is ook lekker om te gebruik. My ou man is partykeer te lui om die handvatsels vas te hou, so dan werk die mat sommer oortyd in die aand.  Ek help nou ook sommer al die oues hier in die tehuis.  Baie dankie vir n wonderlike produk.

E Steenkamp

Blaas infeksies, Durban

Testimonial: Parasite cleanse – dogs

I have several dogs. On a regular basis I let my dogs sleep on the mat while I do a parasite cleanse on them.  Its really amazing to see the worms and eggs in their stool after the treatments. I really would suggest it for any dog or cat owner.


Parasite Cleanse - dogs, Durban

Testimonial: Retinal Pigmentosa

Our family has a problem with Retinal Pigmentosa. I am in my 70’s and can hardly see anymore. I have to use the mat at night most of the time, as I am in an old age home and don’t always have someone to put the Rife on for me. So the mat is on most of the time.  Tinka made up a special program for Retinal Pigmentosa on my group listing. It makes it easier when all the treatments are loaded on one group. It has helped with my eyesight. When I accidentally skip 1 or 2 days, my vision becomes blurry and then I know that I forgot to put the Rife on. Although I cannot get my eyesight back fully it does help with the clarity of vision.

M Brown

Retinal Pigmentosa, Cape Town

Testimonial: Dealing with multiple myeloma

You have been providing consultation to my Mom who is dealing with multiple myeloma. 

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to you for the 

guidance you have given to my Mom on what she can do to restore her health. Your identification of all the health issues has been very thorough. You have given her (us) more details than the doctors. And equally as important, you have give her (us) solutions that God willing, will restore her health. 

Our mother is truly an angel disguised as a human being. She is the most amazing person one can hope to meet. So I thank you again for the work you are doing at the Art of Health. 

Tlhapi Nkhereanye

Dealing with multiple myeloma, South Africa