Comfi Mat (Large) - Rife Treatment Mat.

For the treatment of chronic illness. Use either - full length for 1 person or horizontal over a queen size bed – for a couple.

Size: 600 x 1200cm

R1090 excl. delivery

Comfi Mat (Small) - Plexus Rife Treatment Mat

The mat is very good for the treatment of chronic illness and treating children and animals. It is also a perfect fit for an office chair.
Size: 450 x 520cm

R690 excl. delivery

Comfi Combo Mat - Plexus Rife Treatment Mat

Synthetic leather/material 460x660 – Can be used on animals – easy to clean

R1090 excl. delivery

Horse Treatment Mat – Plexus Rife Treatment Mat

Contact us for a price

RAB Combo Accessories

We introduce our latest treatment accessories – to make treatment even more convenient.  


  • RAB Box
  • 2 electro cables
  • 1 set of Wristbands
  • 4 treatment pads

WRISTBAND – You can use the wristband dry, but it works better if you wet them a bit.  This is lovely as you don’t need to always hold onto the hand terminals – thus freeing the hands, and still getting your treatment.

PADS – The pads should be put onto a problem area i.e. lower back is you have pain, or even shoulder muscles that is sore and stiff.

You can use both attachments – wristbands and pads simultaneously, this way you will get better treatment, but you can also use them separately.

We do sell the items separately if you ever needed another set of pads, wristbands, cables. Contact us for prices.

R490 excl. delivery


Foot Plate Set

These are used as another way to treat yourself with the rife, use it while you are working on the computer or at work. Very easy and convenient way for treating.

R170 excl. delivery

Hand Electrode Set

The 32 mm diameter of the hand electrodes is well-suited for a natural comfortable grip. You can plug another set of handsets into your existing lines and simultaneously treat 2 people. (You then need 4 handsets and 4 cords).

R250 excl. delivery