Treatment Regimes for Bones Problems and Inflammation

People come to me for full body scanning when they are sick and have no answers for their illnesses. I have found most people have a tremendously acidic body. Unfortunately, an acidic body is a sick body. When it comes to your bone structure it is even worse.

If your pH blood levels are too acidic, you are losing precious calcium. The body pulls the calcium out of your bone structure, to try and alkaline itself. Most people are shocked when I tell them their bone density is bad, because they believe that if you take Calcium supplementation, it will strengthen the bone structure. The problem is that their pH Blood levels have been acidic most of their lives. So, the calcium that they are taking is mainly used by the body, to try and alkaline the body.

To have strong bone structure and healthy joints I suggest looking at the following:


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and the bones contain more than 99% of the body’s calcium. Its major function is building and maintaining bone and teeth. It’s also important for:

  • Other enzymes activity in the body such as contracting of muscles,
  • regulation of the heart beat,
  • releasing of neurotransmitters, and
  • clotting of blood.

It serves as a protection factor against high blood pressure and colon cancer. Unfortunately, most blood pressure tablets inhibit your calcium intake, therefore it’s important to take extra calcium.

The absorption of calcium depends on the calcium becoming ionized in the intestines. Calcium carbonate is the calcium which is used mostly in the supplements we find today. For Calcium carbonate to be absorbed it must first be solubilized and ionized by stomach acid. Unfortunately, most people with insufficient stomach acid output can only absorb 4% of an oral dosage of calcium carbonate, versus a person with normal stomach acid, can absorb 22%. It is very important to use the correct type of calcium to improve your absorption into the body.

People with low stomach acid secretion need a specific form of calcium which is already in soluble and ionized state. Calcium citrate, calcium lactate and calcium gluconate would be the options to use if you have low stomach acid. The absorption rate for people with reduced stomach acid will improve to 45% with calcium citrate versus the 4% absorption rate of calcium carbonate. Calcium citrate and other soluble forms (lactate, aspartate, orotate) are the best supplements for optimal absorption for reduced stomach acid clients. Calcium citrate are easily ionized, almost completely degraded, without toxicity, and it helpful in increasing absorption of calcium and other minerals.

So, before you go buying your calcium supplementation, find out about your stomach acid levels. At Art of Health we can do Quantum body scans and tell you if you have any shortages in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants as well as your acid levels. I suggest using CalciAIM. It provides a unique combination of calcium lactate, calcium gluconate and calcium carbonate in a bioavailable drink mix. It also has Vitamin D which has been linked to prevention of cardiovascular problems psoriasis, risk of osteoarthritis and unexplained muscle and bone pain.

Food Sources: the primary source is dairy products, as well as plant foods that are rich in calcium, e.g. tofu, kale, spinach turnip greens and other green leafy vegetables. Calcium from spinach is poorly absorbed, but kale is an excellent source of calcium even more so than milk. Ounce to ounce kale is more superior to milk and is a good alternative. Other food sources include: Kelp, cheddar cheese, Kale, almonds, Brazil nuts, goats milk, buttermilk, sunflower seeds, yoghurt, wheat bran, whole milk, broccoli, cottage cheese, etc.

Main Uses: Calcium is primarily used in the treatment of osteoporosis, high blood pressure and pregnancy.

On the Rife Resonator, you can use the following programmes to help strengthen the bone structure and stimulate calcium production: BONE GROWTHUse Bone regeneration + cell healing + Osteo bone regeneration + Calcium metabolism + circulation + Collagen build

pH Blood Levels

As stated above you must have an alkaline pH blood. The ideal pH blood levels should be between 7.350 – 7.450.

The pH values of acids range from 0.0 to 6.9 (less than 7.0). The pH values of bases range from 7.1 to 14.0 (greater than 7.0). Note that the numbers on the acidity/alkalinity scale do not represent equal divisions.

Each number higher than the one before it represents an exponential increase: 1 is ten times greater than 0; 2 is ten times greater than 1 or one hundred times greater than 0; 3 is ten times greater than 2 or one thousand times greater than 0, and so on.

The body has a variety of acidic and alkaline areas, but today we are just talking about the blood acidity.

Our kidneys play in important role in excreting acid through the urine. However, it can only excrete a certain amount of acid, forcing it to become overloaded. Any excess corrosive acids are simply relocated elsewhere in the body to protect the blood. When the body cannot eliminate waste quickly enough the toxins get stored in the extra-cellular fluids, the connective tissue, our joints and even the organs. This is called auto-intoxication – a condition where you are being poisoned by one’s own toxic waste. This lays a foundation for a combination of degenerative diseases from arthritis, bone loss, kidney stones, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc.

Cancer also loves to live in an acidic body. If your pH blood is too acidic the body leaches it from the bones, weakening an already sick system. Therefore, to alkaline the blood is important to the strengthening of the bone structure.

On our Rife Resonator Plexus 560A I suggest using the following group of treatments to help alleviate the acidity of the body. Since bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi thrive in an unbalanced pH environment, the same factors that cause tissue deterioration also allow microorganisms to proliferate. Below you will see a list of pathogens that could also be causing pain, inflammation and deterioration of the bone structure.

ACIDITY OF BODY: – Acidosis + Cell healing + Hyperacidity + Circulation + Inflammation general + fungus and moulds + pain + gout + rheumatism.

DETOXING THE LIVER AND KIDNEYS: Use the following to detox the body – Detox general + Detox metals + detox pollutants + detox pesticides + detox chemicals + detox liver. Then to help the liver and kidney to handle and excrete the toxins use: Liver support + Kidney tonic + circulation.

As we age there are certain areas that are also affected with ageing. Our skin becomes wrinkled and less elastic, the hair becomes thinner, vision becomes weaker and prone to eye diseases. Our metabolism slows down, the blood flow to the brain often becomes impaired, as our circulation decrease, the veins become less flexible and artery walls may even start narrowing. We also start losing bone matrix.

Nutritional help for bone loss is the following: Calcium (the correct type according to your stomach acid levels), Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, B9, B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium are all important. If you have chronic joint pain that’s associated with inflammation of the joints, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteomyelitis, etc. MSM, Boswellia and Glucosamine – which is in our Frame Essentials in the AIM range, will also help with formation of cartilage, relief inflammation, improve blood supply to the joints and reduce swelling. You can also use the Rife Resonator Plexus 560A.

PAIN FROM ARTHRITIS/GOUT/BONE RELATED PROBLEMS: You can use any of the bone growth as stated above. Also sort out your acidic problems with both the Rife and supplementation. I do suggest the following as well: Joint inflammation + Rheumatism + Arthritis Broad spectrum + Osteitis + Neuro + Dental foci (we found we can be poisoned by something in the teeth) + Parasite general + roundworms general + mycoplasma fermetans + chlamydia pneumoniae + Streptococcus pneumoniae.

These are all things that can cause you pain, inflammation, and deteriorating of the bone structure. The Plexus 560 come standard with 2 groups for people with Arthritis.

If you need any additional help, kindly contact me at 082 855 9906.