Wound healing is one of the most amazing functions of the Rife Plexus 560A. Have a look at some of the pictures that our clients have send to use below.

The big problem with most wounds is infections from viruses or bacteria. Wounds can even be caused or aggravated by fungus. Circulation is another major problem, as the majority of people with wound problems are not mobile or active. Bad circulation from diabetes can cause bedsores and even gangrene. In all these cases we use a very similar treatment regime.

After you have been in the hospital, we suggest using the “Infections Main” treatment on the Rife as it is very likely that you have picked up some kind of “bug” in the hospital. So, whether you had an operation, or have a wound that must be healed, a bedsore, or even gangrene, we suggest that you use the following treatment regime:

  • Infections Main – (This is to kill any possible infections that you could have picked up in the hospital or at home)
  • Circulation – (You need to improve your blood circulation, as people with bad circulation do not get enough oxygen in the body and become oxygen deprived (hypoxia)
  • Ozone therapy – (I strongly suggest to use our ozone machine, as this will not only help to improve oxygen levels in the blood/body, it will also help to kill any potential pathogens as well – here we suggest to do bagging – look at the ozone page for instructions.) This will help to speed up healing.
  • Cell healing on the rife – this is also amazing to speed up the healing at cellular level.
  • ATP/DNA Repair – This helps to give ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to our cells. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is considered by biologists to be the energy currency of life. It is the high-energy molecule that stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do. From a cellular point of view, it gives energy to our Mitochondria (the heart of every cell in our body). This therapy is excellent not only for cell rejuvenation, even tri-Athlon athletes use it to help re-build their bodies after a marathon. This is an amazing therapy for your cells.
  • Wound healing – this just complement the whole regime.
  • Inflammation – for any possible inflammation within the whole body.
  • Bone regeneration – (I am adding this into the regime as some people, might have had an operation on broken bones, and now have a wound as well. With this combo you can now help not only your bones to grow faster, but also heal your wounds.

The Rife machine have the amazing facility that enable us to set up various groups of therapy for our clients. You can also set up groups on the Rife yourself with the help of the CD that comes with the Rife. After setting it up, you can use the mat, and get the necessary therapy whether you are sleeping on it at night or just sitting on it on the couch during the day.

If you have any more questions regarding wound healing you are very welcome to contact us.

Wound Healing Images from clients.

Wound Healing – Broken Foot Operation

Wound Healing – Bedsore on Head

We helped the client with setting up a group for the Rife and the mat, with the following therapies:  Wound healing + Cell healing + Circulation + Infections + Inflammation + ATP/DNA Repair. The client slept on the Rife therapy mat for the duration of the Rife wound healing treatment.

Wound Healing – Bedsore

This is a bedsore  – client received 6 treatments over a 3 week period – this type of wound usually took 1 year to heal before they started using the Rife Plexus 560A.

bedsore wound healing